The company provides import-export and logistics transactions all over the world. We specialize in the transportation of medicines products, observing many requirements. for example: temperature regimes, delivery rates, security of supply, and storage conditions for each drug.


The company has cooparation with many prominent manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, most of them are leaders in the drug producing industry. Drugs and nutritional supplements are bought in Europe from direct producers and suppliers.


Healtypharma offers a variety of logistics chain solutions to ensuret customer needs and expectations. We ensure proper offer drugs transportation to any region of the world by car, air, sea and rail transport observing special regimes and requirements. The company’s experience allows us to ensure the preparation of the correct documentation for customs procedures – export, import and transit.


There is also a warehouse service available.


The drug warehouse meets all the necessary requirements and is certified for the preservation of medicines.


Healtypharma works with each client individually and offers the most suitable solution in complex cases.