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About Us

We are taking care for public health, because a healthy society is a base of happy and prosperous nation!


A firm has authorisation for wholesale distribution of medicinal products for human use. Number of authorisation: 111/1. Date of issue: 02.11.2017.


The company has cooparation with many prominent manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, most of them are leaders in the drug producing industry. Drugs and nutritional supplements are bought in Europe from direct producers and suppliers.


A wide network of suppliers and partners in Europe defines the Healtypharma business strategy based on pillars: quality product for an adequate price.


Our planned activities: 

  • Drugs and nutritional supplements domestic sales.

  • Drugs and nutritional supplements export.

  • Drugs and nutritional supplements import.

  • Logistics and distribution.


The company has experienced and competent staff, which is one of the bases for successful business and quality services.


To contact the company’s specialists you will find visiting the CONTACT section.